The attorneys at Rhame Elwood & McClure have extensive experience successfully defending criminal cases throughout Northwest Indiana. We are here to guide you through the process of Bond, Discovery, Investigation, Trial and Appeal of your felony or misdemeanor case.

We routinely defend hundreds of clients a year with Domestic Battery Charges, Operating while Intoxicated (Drunk Driving), Drug Possession charges, Invasion of Privacy charges, all Felony charges, all Misdemeanor charges, Juvenile Delinquency, and Traffic Tickets.

We also can help clients with Specialized Driving Permits and Expungements of Criminal History.



  1. The right to hire an attorney of your choice;
  2. The right to have an attorney assigned to represent you if you do not have sufficient funds to hire an attorney;
  3. The right to a speedy and public trial by jury;
  4. The right to confront in person and cross-examine witnesses who would testify against you;
  5. The right to have the court subpoena witness to testify in your favor;
  6. The right to have the state prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt at trial where you cannot be compelled to testify against yourself;
  7. The right to appeal the judgement of the court if you were to have a trial and be found guilty

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